Local Produce at Famers Market

August 16-19, 2023


Eat Local in Franklin County

Vibrant Community of Local Producers and Artisans

Franklin County is home to a passionate and dedicated group of local producers and artisans who mesh the heritage rich agricultural traditions with new and innovative techniques to offer the highest quality goods to out community.

The agricultural community across the county encompasses a wide range of goods and services that are aimed at increasing the quality of life and the quality of food in our community.

When you support a local agricultural producer you are not only improving the health benefits to your family but the health of Franklin County as a sustainable and vibrant community.

Eat local, get to know the farmers, and actively participate in improving your community one step at a time.


Prices, policies, programs, schedules, attractions and entertainment subject to change or cancellation without notice. No Rainchecks. No Refunds. No weapons, guns or knives allowed at the event. The Franklin County Agricultural Fair and/or County of Franklin reserves the right to refuse admission.